HR Agency for business in Dubai

Replacement Warranty up to 12 months
Starting at 499$ per vacancy
Get in the future with an AI HR!
Cooperating with an AI algorithm
First results in 10 days
Who do we hire?
Sales managers, marketers, project managers, executive assistants, HR managers and others
Data Scientist, Full-stack Developer, Backend, Developer, DevOps, Testers and others
Hotel and restaurant specialists
We select line and management specialists in the field of production
Sellers, cashiers, merchandisers, managers, auditors and others
Other vacancies in different fields of activity with different specifications
With us you will get an employee in 15-30 days
With the help of AI we have accelerated the process of initial selection of candidates. It greatly reduced the time for selection
Candidate applies for a job
Automatically receives a link to test and independently takes a survey
We select only those who meet the criteria and continue to work with them
Fill out a short form and get
the first candidates in 7 days!
Leave an application for the selection of an employee
Fill in the contacts for communication to start the selection!
What kind of employee do you need?
Multiple options can be selected
How many employees are required in total?
What is your role in the company?
We guarantee the result and prescribe in the contract the possibility of replacing up to 3 employees with a guarantee period of up to 12 months
Therefore, we are trusted and we work with large companies
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